Music decentralized.

Limelight is a tokenized music ecosystem that allows music fans to discover upcoming artists while rewarding creators with recognition purely based on talent..

We built this platform to give independent artists an opportunity to gain fans with the possibility of them funding their projects.

We offer NFT-based digital distribution and more, all while allowing creators to keep 100% ownership of their masters.

We’ve implemented blockchain directly into our platform, bringing true decentralization to our platform. LMLT is limelight’s native utility token, built on the ERC20 standard.

Creators can now mint ERC721 NFTs associated with their music, fund their projects by their fans through self-tokenization, and more, manage ownership & royalties through smart-contracts, and more. 

"I watched my Spotify rise from 2,000 streams to over 200,000 in less than a year.. this platform turned my hobby of making music into a full-blown career"
Osama Ali
canadian HIP-HOP artist



Our algorithms only pushes music that's actually worth listening to, so you might just discover some new music you never heard of before

Rise to the top

Compete and rise to the top as an artist or as a listener in your region


Build your profile on limelight and show others you got what it takes to be an A&R or an upcoming artist

keep 100% ownership

Shout-out Nipsey Hussle

for creators of all kinds


Let your music get discovered worldwide as you earn exposure based on feedback listeners provide.


Let your beats get discovered by artists on limelight and connect with other producers to take go even further.

100% ad-free listening

Limelight is absolutely free for listeners, this platform's primary focus is on providing artists with fans, so we wouldn't want to get in the way.


We support independent artists because we understand how difficult it is to bootstrap your way to the top.

Available worldwide

All you need is an internet connection to join our mission, anywhere in the world.

24/7 Support

Please reach out to us if you have any issues or suggestions, we're always ready to help our people. .


The limelight team works around the clock to ensure our users get an experience they'll enjoy.

regular updates

This is just the beginning of what lies down the road for the us, we're here to change the world, not make money.

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  1. August 2019
    Launched Limelight 1.0 on the App Store
  2. September 2019
    10,000 users signed up & landed #4 on App Store Top Charts (Music Category)
  3. January 2020
    Started developing Limelight 2.0
  4. March 2020
    Launched Limelight 2.0 on App Store
  5. April 2020
    Secured $30,000 in funding from AC Jumpstart
  6. January 2021
    Started developing Limelight 3.0 with implementation of blockchain technology
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