Unleash the power of independent music with limelight - where every artist has a chance to shine.

Limelight is a location-based music platform that uses algorithmic music discovery to showcase independent musicians and provide them with the opportunity to grow their fan base.

How Limelight Works

The discover feed is where the magic happens:

Discover music around you by local artists
Explore new music from talented independent artists in your geographical location. You can also personalize your listening experience by setting your music preferences.
Feed the Algorithm by liking & disliking music
As you listen to tracks on Limelight, indicate your preferences by liking or disliking each track. This helps Limelight's algorithm determine which tracks to recommend to you and others in the future.
Earn exposure for artists who deserve it
By engaging with tracks on Limelight, you can help independent artists earn exposure and grow their fan base. The more engagement a track receives, the more likely it is to be recommended to other users.
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Personalized music discovery
The discovery feed generates a queue of music for each user based on their preferences and location, as well as an algorithmically determined merit value. This allows users to discover new music that is tailored to their interests and geographies.
100% Ad-Free Music Streaming At No Cost
Limelight is a free app, with no ads and no subscription fees. This allows users to discover and listen to music without interruptions or costs.
Artists Earn Exposure as Listeners Discover Music
As users engage with music released on the Limelight Music platform, a dynamic outreach value is calculated which determines how much exposure music deserves.
Tokenized Digital Distribution & Trustless Royalty Management
Artists will be able to mint NFTs for the music they release on limelight, as well as be able to manage royalties for multiple contributers through trustless smart-contrat mechanisms.

For Musicians

Build fanbases that support you
You can use a mobile device to pay
Drive streams to your music
You can buy token without paying any transactions
Create your own artist token
We provide high levels of sercurity to all users
Mint NFTs to sell to your fans
Stream & download unlimited music


Absolutely no ads
Stream & download unlimited music
Build your A&R Profile
We provide high levels of sercurity to all users
Earn LMLT for streaming music
You can buy token without paying any transactions
Discover up & coming artists
You can use a mobile device to pay

Restore the Underground

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